Consorzio Cuoio

To increase the value of sole leather produced with a slow vegetable tanning, Consorzio Vero Cuoio Italiano has not only created a brand, but has also developed tools to certify origin and traceability. In one word, excellence.

protective film

Since 2014, the sole leather produced by the Associated Tanneries comes with a removable protective adhesive film with the Cuoio di Toscana brand.
The film is used by the sole and shoe factories to protect the sole leather in the subsequent processing stages, a further guarantee of its origin and authenticity.

card of authenticity

Cuoio di Toscana’s Card of Authenticity certifies the origin, quality and fine workmanship of the vegetable tanned sole leather.
Available in different languages, the Card is given exclusively to the Associated Tanneries, who have made a commitment to respect the production standards and the sustainability rules established by the Consortium. The Associated Tanneries can in turn give it to their clients so they can apply it to their final product.
Studied in a way that it cannot be duplicated or imitated, each card contains a serial number which identifies the tannery, supplier of the sole leather and the product manufacturer.

Nfc tag

“Smartshoe” is a device, which thanks to the NFC TAG inserted invisibly inside the sole, lets us trace the sole leather origin and processing method and learn more about the shoe manufacturer.
Thanks to the NFC technology (Near Field Communication): all you need to do is to point your smartphone, enabled to read the sole’s NCF TAG, to have access to a wide variety of information.
NFC TAGs are programmed to direct the user to a landing page customized for the manufacturer, who can manage the page directly since it is on their own website or on the Cuoio di Toscana website.