Consortium services - Offers many advantages

consortium services

Consorzio Vero Cuoio Italiano offers numerous advantages, not only for the Tanneries, but also for the small producers, artisans, designers and final consumers.


Joining the Consortium guarantees the Tanneries exclusive use of the quality brand Cuoio di Toscana and offers among other things:

• insertion of the member’s name and logo on the Consortium website and on all promotional material
• use of the guarantee and certification tools created by the Consortium (Protective Film, Card of Authenticity, NFC Technology)
• Technical assistance and advice on the laws and certifications regulating vegetable tanning
• support for communication and involvement in trade shows and events for the promotion of the sole leather and vegetable tanning culture

small producers, artisans and designers

For single producers, artisans and designers becoming a part of the Consortium means, first of all, certifying the quality of their work and final product, guaranteeing their customers the origin of the raw material and traceability of the supply chain.
Other benefits include the possibility to receive communication and promotional material, appearing on the Consortium website and participating in seminars and training courses.
Assistance and technical advice services on vegetable tanning are equally guaranteed.

final consumers

Whoever purchases a leather product with the Cuoio di Toscana Authenticity Card has the security of its complete traceability.
Customers can receive upon request newsletters and other communication tools, as well as invitations to promotional events organized to spread the culture of sole leather and the characteristics of the slow vegetable tanning.