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Cuoio di Toscana guarantees its consumers consistency and authenticity in all phases of the production process. For this reason, the Consortium tanneries have realized a traceability kit for clients and partners, containing all the tools to guarantee the high quality and origin of our sole leather. Furthermore, only Cuoio di Toscana products are protected by a branded film that authenticates their high quality and safeguards the sole leather in the final stages of processing.


The Consortium’s tanneries have designed a removable branded film that can be applied to their products, which authenticates the high quality of the raw material and protects the sole leather in the final stages of processing.



The Consortium has developed various tools to certify the excellence of vegetable-tanned sole leather and its origin. The traceability kit is one of them and includes:

The Card of Authenticity

this certifies the origin, quality and workmanship of the vegetable-tanned sole leather.

The Hallmark

the Cuoio di Toscana hallmark stamped on the soles of the shoes is the final step in a sustainable and fully traceable manufacturing process in which all parts of the chain work together in synergy

The NFC tag

ensures the traceability and quality of the product through Smartshoe technology, which, thanks to the NFC tag invisibly embedded in the sole, makes it possible to trace the origin of the product, the production method and to find out more about the manufacturer. You can simply bring a reader-enabled smartphone close to this device to access a wide range of content.

The transparent Plexiglas

plate represents the partnership between the Consorzio Vero Cuoio Italiano and its Associated Tanneries, whose common purpose is based on shared values of product quality and exclusivity.